A Bird in the House is Worth Two in the Bush – at Least from an Inside Cat’s Point of View

When you think about it, how is it even possible to end up with a bird in your house? With the exception of a pet bird, of course. Especially in the middle of this very cold winter we are having here in Missouri. But that is exactly what happened to my dear friend and Aunt.  Being the animal loving, concerned person that she is, she tossed some leftover dry cereal out the back door of her kitchen. As most of us know, our fine- feathered friends appreciate any and all donations to help them sustain life throughout the harsh, cold nights. So the cereal is probably about ten feet or so from the back stoop. (For those of you too young to know what a stoop is, there is a fairly thick, old-fashioned book called a dictionary which is a valuable tool for determining the definition of new words. Yes, you will be required to turn actual pages.)

Here is where Amigo,  a very cute, inquisitive little dog, enters the picture. Now Amigo likes to think he is in charge of everything, even though the rest of the household considers him a bit too much. Myself, I think he has some sort of complex because he is the only dog in the house surrounded by five cats. And he did see the movie “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”  and remembers, “Dogs drool, cats rule”. So Amigo has to show his superiority every chance he gets. His chance came when he noticed the birds gathered around the cereal, pecking hungrily and happily. Well he just could not stand for those birds being so close to his house and, knowing that constant barking was his ticket out the door to use the little doggie’s room, Amigo made it plain to his mistress that he absolutely had to go.

You would think the normal reaction of a bird to movement would be to fly in the other direction, out of danger, away from humans and barking dogs. Somehow, and I do speak from previous experience, certain birds find it necessary to live up to the descriptive term, bird brain. And so, open door, enter bird. Open door, out goes Amigo, barking furiously at the invasive monster birds, scattering them in all directions, causing one poor bird to become so disoriented that he flies straight into a kitchen full of cats. Inside cats who have, to use my Aunt’s well-put words, “never been that close to a bird before and I’m sure the bird didn’t like the close proximity to my cats!”

According to my Aunt, at least this is the story her cats want us to believe, the cats were so hopped up on catnip that none of them were able to even snag a feather off of the bird who was frantically flapping its wings, trying to stay aloft in a low- ceiling environment. I’m picturing all this in slow motion. You have to because you know it all happened in a matter of seconds. As my Aunt is artfully dodging a room full of frenzied cats, some actually attempting to chase the bird, others trying to get away from it (living up to another term, scaredy cats), the bird, realizing its horrific directional in-flight error, attempts to fly back out the kitchen door, which at this time was closed. That in itself could have brought about catastrophic results. At last, probably all of ten seconds later, my Aunt makes her way to the door, opens it,  and the traumatized bird flies out of the kitchen back to the semi-safety of the outside world, probably whistling the tune Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Oh, that’s probably another item some of you will want to look up. I suggest you just Google that one.:)

"Cats in the Kitchen" Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

“Cats in the Kitchen” Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

Now I would like to share my latest painting with you and also thank my Aunt for being the inspiration for the painting and this blog. This painting is obviously an abstract. (I determined that by the strange way my two cats kept looking at it.) And continuing on with the spirit of the day, I am calling this one simply Cats in the Kitchen. This one is acrylic on watercolor paper.

Thank you all for having fun with me today!


2 thoughts on “A Bird in the House is Worth Two in the Bush – at Least from an Inside Cat’s Point of View

  1. Too funny. I really enjoy your writings. Well I am going back on my meds I am having shortness of breath called my dr and owned up to treating myself. He informed me the shortness of breath is indeed due to taking myself off an anti depressant. Steph is leaving work now to go by and get my script. Really scared me, the only other time I had shortness of breath I was in the hospital right before one of my numerous back surgeries. It’s like an never ending circle the shortness of breath causes anxiety, anxiety causes shortness of breath. I guess all those years of watching General Hospital didn’t make me a doctor

    On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 3:33 PM, Stepping Stones: Paintings and Musings by

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